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Author: Adamsiplaw


Andy DePaola, a former microbiologist has patented a new technology, the Shellevator™, for farming oysters that can raise tens of thousands of pounds of shellfish. But the bigger goal is to fight world hunger and climate change at the same time. And now, this new technology is strong contestant in contest hosted by Elon Musk’s Musk Foundation and XPRIZE Carbon Removal. 


Patent infringement litigation can be costly. While the precise costs vary according to the value of the patent involved, legal fees in excess of $1 million are not uncommon in patent litigation, with total costs often climbing to several million dollars. Those fees and damages can easily put startups and other early-stage companies out of business. It is therefore essential for such companies to build a patent infringement avoidance strategy into their larger business and intellectual property strategies. After all, the best way to manage costly patent litigation is not to infringe on another company’s patent in the first place. Avoiding patent infringement often is easier said than done, but an Alabama patent litigation attorney can help you develop a plan that works for you. 


Startups and other small businesses often develop groundbreaking products with great commercial potential. However, their limited resources often prevent them from manufacturing and selling those products themselves. It becomes necessary, therefore, to license the invention to third parties who have the resources to do so or to use the invention as leverage for investment. But pitching an invention to a third party is not without risk; the other company could steal the invention or the inventor could inadvertently lose patent rights in it. An Alabama intellectual property lawyer can help you protect your IP in these scenarios.