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Preserving exclusive trademark rights is an ongoing process. Our lawyers represent trademark owners in all aspects of trademark maintenance, monitoring, and enforcement.

Securing trademark protection is not a one-time event. While registration is an important first step, it is ultimately just the beginning when it comes to establishing and preserving exclusive rights in a proprietary name, logo, slogan or brand.

In addition to helping our clients register trademarks in the United States and abroad, we also provide ongoing trademark maintenance services. These services focus on three key aspects of trademark protection:

  • Maintaining active trademark registrations in the U.S. and abroad
  • Monitoring for infringement
  • Enforcing exclusive rights against challengers and infringers

We Make Sure Our Clients’ Trademark Rights are Secure

We provide ongoing trademark maintenance services for companies and academic institutions of all sizes throughout the United States. These services include:

Ongoing USPTO Filings

Although USPTO trademark registrations do not have a shelf life (unlike patent and copyright registrations, which are limited in time), registered trademark owners must make periodic filings to preserve their exclusive rights. At AdamsIP, we docket pertinent deadlines for our clients, and we work proactively to ensure that our clients’ USPTO trademark registrations remain active. Filings that may need to be made subsequent to the approval of a USPTO trademark registration include:

  • Declaration of Use
  • Declaration of Excusable Nonuse
  • Declaration of Incontestability
  • Application for Renewal
  • Amendment to Add or Remove Goods or Services
  • Updated Owner Information

Ongoing International Trademark Filings

Ongoing filing requirements for international trademark registrations vary by jurisdiction. For our clients that own international trademarks, we provide ongoing docketing and filing services based on the requirements of each relevant international jurisdiction as well.

Trademark Monitoring

Trademark owners have a duty to police infringing uses of their marks in the marketplace. If an individual, company or other third party is infringing your exclusive rights, you need to know about it, and you must take action to mitigate any financial harm and avoid other legal harm. We provide trademark monitoring services that are custom-tailored to our clients’ specific needs, including conducting online and in-person surveillance as necessary.

Trademark Enforcement

Enforcement is an important aspect of trademark maintenance. If a third party is infringing your company or institution’s rights, failure to take appropriate enforcement action could result in a claim of acquiescence. Likewise, if a third party seeks to challenge your company or institution’s trademark registration, it is necessary to fight back to avoid the risk of cancellation. Our lawyers can monitor these types of issues and advise you when responsive action is needed.

Discuss Your Company’s or Institution’s Needs with a Trademark Lawyer at AdamsIP

If you would like more information about our firm’s trademark maintenance services, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys. To request an appointment at AdamsIP, please call 251-289-9787 or tell us how we can help online today.