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AdamsIP provides value to our clients through counsel on a vast array of business issues. Startups and other business clients often retain AdamsIP to act as outsourced in-house counsel — and in that role, we provide counsel on all aspects of a client’s business.

Our unique focus on intellectual property provides a fresh and innovative approach to business strategy, consulting, and transactions. As we have a keen eye toward the protection of core intellectual property assets, we have successfully represented clients in licensing and royalty negotiations.

We serve as general intellectual property counsel for growth-oriented businesses throughout the United States. Our perspective, approach, and billing structure make us a go-to firm for everyday intellectual property and business issues.

Licensing and Franchising

We work closely with our clients to help monetize their IP portfolio. Oftentimes, firms focus solely on the protection of existing assets — a critical task, of course, but on its own it is hardly maximizing value for the client.

With the client’s go-ahead, we identify additional value that can be created through licensing agreements and franchising opportunities and work tirelessly to ensure that those opportunities are pursued in a manner to complement the client’s overall IP and business goals.

Business Formation

Businesspeople must protect themselves against liability. Through the use of a strategically-chosen business form (i.e., S-corp, LLC, etc.), it’s possible for business owners to not only shield themselves against tax, criminal, and civil liability, but also to create a well-organized structure that accounts for potential disputes regarding stock options, ownership inheritance, management decisions, and more.

By working with business owners at an early stage to develop and execute an effective business formation process, it’s possible to avoid potentially disruptive events years down the line.

Marketing & Brand Management

Intellectual property and marketing go hand-in-hand. Many business owners do not realize that their “brand” (logo, slogans, visual aesthetic of their products and stores) may be protectable intellectual property assets. 

Our experience protecting and monetizing brand-related IP has also given us deep insight into issues that can arise in managing a brand and how best to avoid those issues. For example, marketing a brand without conducting trademark clearance efforts can lead to conflicts with pre-existing businesses.

Business Transactions

Our team comprehensively assists clients with a range of business transactions, from evaluating contracts and negotiating and executing complex intellectual property agreements (including licensing and franchising agreements), to obtaining financing for expensive ventures. For clients with systemic transactional needs, we work closely to ensure that they have a clear process in place to avoid potential disruptions.

Ready to speak with our team of experienced business attorneys?  Contact AdamsIP to learn how we can help your business grow while protecting its most valuable assets.