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Boutique Intellectual Property Firm for International Business Protection 

In many industries, it is increasingly common for businesses to target a global audience. Protecting and monetizing intellectual property internationally requires additional safeguards, such as registering in new markets. 

If you want to file a patent in the U.S., you need a domestic affiliate. In reverse, you need a foreign affiliate for patents in other countries. AdamsIP serves as the “quarterback” for coordinating this global strategy. Our firm handles all the relevant filings and develops a winning strategy. In essence, we manage the entire process, from filing to prosecution and more.

AdamsIP is a full-service intellectual property law firm with broad practices in copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secret law at the domestic and international levels. We are business lawyers with an “eye” for IP, and as such, we are not satisfied with merely protecting our client’s intellectual property. From beginning-to-end, we strive to identify and implement monetization strategies that will enable our clients to fully engage the value of their assets.

About International IP Protections

Our experienced attorneys understand the intricacies of the global IP market. We provide proactive, worldwide protection for your work from counseling on IP matters in multiple jurisdictions, to management of an international portfolio, to prosecuting trademark and copyright applications in foreign countries.

We utilize international resources to protect your work, including: 

  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) - The PCT makes international patenting accessible to companies by enabling them to apply for patents rights in many countries via one application. There are currently more than 150 contracting states. 
  • Paris Convention - The Paris Convention is an international agreement that helps businesses ensure their creative works are protected in other countries. Established more than 135 years ago it provides vast protection of industrial property.
  • Hague Agreement - The Hague Agreement governs the international registration of industrial designs. For more than 95 years the Hague System has enabled businesses to protect industrial designs in multiple countries and regions in a streamlined fashion. 

Unique Considerations in Taking IP to the Global Stage

Territorial Rights — Patents and Trademarks

Some intellectual property rights are “territorial,” including patents and trademarks. Territorial rights means the rights are valid only in a particular country (or region) where you have actively received legal protection.

Both patent and trademark rights can be secured through registration in the international markets that you are looking to explore. The process can be complex, however, as each country or region has its own procedures, fees, and validity concerns. Skilled IP attorneys work with local firms in the target countries and invest significant time and resources toward identifying the relevant differences in IP protection.


When the infringing party resides in a different country, difficult questions may arise regarding the applicable jurisdiction for the legal dispute. The jurisdiction depends on a number of different factors, including whether you have actively courted business in the defendant’s country and whether you have formally registered your intellectual property in that country.

Contact AdamsIP for International Legal Guidance

If you would like to speak to an attorney about your intellectual property matter — whether or not it involves international IP concerns — we encourage you to contact AdamsIP to schedule a free initial consultation. During this consultation, we will evaluate the underlying issues and help you develop a clear plan for moving forward.

We understand that budgets vary from client to client. We offer a range of alternative fee arrangements, including flat-fee options. Our commitment to transparency and fairness ensures we can more effectively serve all of our business clients, from early-stage startups to successful, established companies. Our offices are located in New Orleans, Mobile, Huntsville and Birmingham