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Our Alabama Patent Search Attorney Outlines the Importance of a Quality Search

A high quality patent search helps to determine if your product and methods are patentable and is essential for crafting superior patent applications. Writing and prosecuting a patent application without a search creates many avoidable obstacles because you are blind to what other patents and applications may stand in the way of your patent ultimately issuing.  A quality patent search gives you visibility. It helps you see the boundaries of your product and method. It gives you the knowledge to ultimately decide whether your product or method can be protected. In order to complete a thorough search, it's highly encouraged that you contact an Alabama patent search attorney from our firm. 

Patent searches and analysis are a cornerstone of our patent services. A thorough patent search is an important tool for creating an effective IP strategy.  A high-quality patent search helps our team determine the boundaries of your inventive concept and minimizes patent prosecution costs by taking the guesswork out of what already exists. 

Patent Searches Help Protect Your Products and Methods

Sometimes a patent search reveals that the original concept is clearly not patentable, or may possibly be patentable but in a crowded field with considerable risk. As with most business decisions, deciding whether to invest in the patent process comes down to risk and reward.

Many of our clients are experts in their fields and they know their market and their competitors’ products. However, a patent search often brings to light unexpected information that our clients never expected. Knowing this information in advance helps our clients from wasting time and money attempting to protect something that is not patentable. In other situations, knowing this information allows our clients to revisit their products and methods, often redesigning their initial concepts to “work around” references found in a patent search.  

Why You Need an Alabama Patent Search Attorney from AdamsIP

A good patent search allows you to make an intelligent and informed decision relating to how you should proceed with your invention. It helps you understand both the risks and rewards. 

AdamsIP, LLC provides patent searches for clients across the globe.  Patent searches are done in house, by a highly qualified Alabama patent search attorney. 

It takes time to do a quality search. Depending on the type of search, our attorneys spend anywhere from 4 to 20+ hours doing the search, analyzing the results, and writing the analysis, opinion, and report. We believe this is far superior than outsourcing the patent search.  First, an outsourced patent search is often not handled by a U.S. registered patent attorney. As such, the searcher may not understand the subtleties of prosecuting U.S. patent applications. Second, outsourcing carries confidentiality risks and possible violation of information export laws if the patent searches are off-shored.

AdamsIP, LLC invests heavily in state-of-the-art tools for patent searching. We utilize one of the largest patent databases in the world with full-text search and machine-translated searches of patents and patent applications of over 30 countries, the bibliographic and abstract search of over 100 countries, and patent authorities. Give us a call today, and we'll help you get started. We serve clients throughout Alabama including Mobile, Huntsville, and Birmingham.