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Creative Business and IP Guidance

If you are considering options for protecting your intellectual property assets, then it’s important that you also consider the strategic issues likely to accompany that protection. For example, if you’re interested in registering a trademark for a new product line, have you evaluated the validity of the trademark and whether it will be enforceable (and to what extent)?

AdamsIP is a full-service intellectual property firm with a comprehensive approach to protecting IP assets and building value for growing businesses. Curious about how we can help? Contact us to learn more.

Building a Monetizable Portfolio

Fundamentally, we are business lawyers with an “eye” for IP. We believe that advocacy in the intellectual property context must not be limited to securing legal protections — a valuable service, to be sure, but not sufficient to cover all the needs of a growing business. We not only work to ensure that our clients have well-protected IP rights (patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets), but also work to monetize those assets to create additional value for the client’s business.

Unlike many of our competitors, we are constantly evaluating whether a particular strategic decision is going to create value. This is a critical differentiating factor with regard to how we approach intellectual property matters, as it is our intention to help each client build a monetizable portfolio of valuable IP assets.

For example, if we work with a client in evaluating a patentable process and discover that it may not be “worth” prosecuting (i.e., it is a weak patent, or the patent may not be practically monetizable given the client’s business goals), then we explore alternative avenues for protection or refocus efforts on other, more valuable IP assets.

The Importance of Client Engagement

Creating additional value for our clients through an effective IP strategy is not a simple matter — doing so requires a deep understanding of the client’s business fundamentals, goals, and the circumstances (market and regulatory) in which they find themselves.

As such, we invest a significant amount of resources, time, and effort toward engaging the client from beginning-to-end, gaining key insight into what makes their business “tick” and how we can effectuate their IP rights to further their business goals.

Contact AdamsIP for a Free Consultation

We work with clients to help them develop and execute an IP strategy that is aligned with their overall business goals. Our commitment to not only protecting valuable intellectual property assets, but also monetizing such assets, is critical to the service we provide — it is our goal to guide clients through the legal and strategic concerns common to intellectual property matters, and ultimately, to lead them toward a sustainable and successful result.

If you’d like to learn more about what our attorneys do and how we can assist you with building and implementing an effective IP strategy, we encourage you to contact AdamsIP to schedule a free initial consultation. We look forward to speaking with you further.