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Our lawyers represent individuals, companies and academic institutions involved in all types of commercial activities, and our client base is as broad as the scope of our practice.

At AdamsIP, we take pride not only in the depth of our practice but also in the diversity of the clients we represent. We serve individuals, companies, municipalities, and academic institutions, and our lawyers are able to offer insights based on decades of experience advising and representing clients in a broad spectrum of practices, professions and industries.

We Serve Clients in a Diverse Range of Practices, Professions and Industries

Our experience includes serving as IP and business law counsel to clients in the fields of:


We represent many colleges and universities with regard to trademark, copyright, patent and trade secret protection and licensing. We also provide transactional and general counsel services to academic institutions.


We represent many clients in the arts, including fine artists, graphic designers and photographers, among others. We assist artists with securing copyright protection for their works, and we provide advice and representation for branding and business matters as well.


The fashion industry is heavily regulated by intellectual property law. Patents, trademarks and copyrights are all relevant, and our law firm helps guide designers and others in the fashion industry and jewelry design to secure ownership for their innovations. 


We represent composers, songwriters, singers, performers, licensing entities and other clients involved in various facets of the music industry. In addition to assisting with copyright and trademark protection, we also routinely assist with license negotiations and other transactional and general business matters.

Sports & Sporting Goods

We represent athletes with regard to branding, endorsements, sponsorships, and licensing of their names and likenesses. We serve athletes in team and individual sports, and we also represent university athletic programs, professional sports teams, and other sports entities.

Similarly, as the sports industry relies heavily on its equipment, our attorneys also assist with the intellectual property needs of those who design and produce sporting goods. 


We represent software companies of all sizes and at all stages of growth with regard to IP protection and business matters. We assist with trademark, copyright, patent and trade secret protection, as well as licensing agreements, work-for-hire agreements, and other software-related transactions.


We represent chemical companies with regard to all aspects of IP protection, licensing and enforcement. In addition to assisting with patent and trademark protection, we assist with marketing and business law matters as well.

Medical Devices

We help medical device companies protect and license their products and brands. As business law counsel, we assist with entity formation, nondisclosure agreements, and other general business and corporate matters as well.


Tech companies face a multitude of IP-related legal issues. We represent various tech companies in all aspects of IP protection, monetization and enforcement, and we also provide representation for transactional and business matters that are not specifically related to our clients’ IP assets.

Machine Manufacturing

Machine manufacturing companies similarly face a broad range of legal needs in the area of intellectual property. We represent our machine manufacturing clients with regard to clearance, registration, licensing, monitoring and enforcement—including pursuing litigation when necessary.

Consumer Products

We represent companies that sell an extremely broad array of consumer products. While many of our consumer product clients rely on our lawyers to address discrete legal needs as and when they arise, we work closely with many of these clients on an ongoing basis as well.

Oil & Gas

With our location on the Gulf Coast, we have particular experience representing companies in the oil and gas industries. We provide our full suite of IP and business law services to these clients, including IP protection, IP monitoring and enforcement, and general transactional and corporate representation.

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