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Our Alabama IP litigation lawyer represents IP owners, alleged infringers and other parties in litigation involving trademarks, trade secrets, patents and copyrights in federal court.

At AdamsIP, each Alabama IP litigation lawyer has extensive experience in litigation involving all types of intellectual property. Our litigation team has represented companies and individuals in federal courts across the United States with regard to both the enforcement of exclusive intellectual property rights and defending against allegations of infringement.

Whether you are an IP owner, your company is facing an infringement issue, you have been accused of infringing a third party’s IP rights, or you are an attorney who needs assistance with an intellectual property litigation matter, we can help you. Our practice focuses exclusively on representing clients in IP matters, and we consistently achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.  

IP Litigation

Offensively or defensively, AdamsIP assists clients at all stages of intellectual property litigation. We represent IP owners, licensees, franchisees, and other parties in matters involving allegations of contractual breaches, infringement, counterfeiting and other violations of IP owners’ exclusive rights. We have significant experience in Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) proceedings as well as litigation involving the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) inter partes review (IPR) process for challenging patent registrations.

Settlement Agreements with the Help of an Alabama IP Litigation Lawyer

In some cases, negotiating a settlement offers the most desirable outcome for our clients. When it makes sense to settle, our  Alabama IP litigation lawyer leverages the available legal arguments and evidence to steer settlement negotiations toward a favorable result for our client. At AdamsIP, we negotiate and craft tailored settlement agreements, and we do so efficiently to mitigate the costs of litigation. For disputes arising out of licensing agreements and other contracts, we will often work to negotiate a settlement prior to filing suit to preserve our clients’ business relationships.

IP Enforcement

We are strong believers in the value of intellectual property rights and the proper use of those rights. We are also staunch advocates for our clients’ IP rights and do not hesitate to take aggressive enforcement action when necessary. At AdamsIP, we can police third-party uses of your IP, and we can take proactive measures to resolve issues before they lead to costly litigation. Depending on the circumstances, this may involve seeking injunctive relief, issuing a takedown notice, or working with Internet service providers (ISPs) to have infringing content pulled from their platforms.

In all cases, we take a cost-conscious approach to protecting our clients’ IP rights, and mindfully consider the impacts on our clients’ licensing and other commercial relationships. Ultimately, our focus is on protecting our clients’ IP rights as fully and efficiently as possible, and we are prepared to do so by all means available.

Schedule a Confidential Consultation with an Alabama IP Litigation Lawyer

If you need legal advice or representation for an IP litigation matter, we encourage you to get in touch. To learn more about how we can help, please call 251-289-9787 or contact us online today. Our offices are located in Mobile, New Orleans, Huntsville and Birmingham.