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Specialist Trademark Attorneys

Trademarks are the essence of a brand. Business and product names, logos, and slogans, when properly protected, generate significant and long-term value. Trademarks are often a company’s most valuable asset, so thoroughly intertwined with the business it is difficult to extricate the two.

Given the increasingly large role intellectual property plays — especially true of trademarks in the digital age — it’s vital that businesses protect their assets.

AdamsIP is a full-service intellectual property law firm with an experienced trademark practice grounded in achieving positive outcomes  — from startups filing for their initial trademarks to established corporations requiring trademark maintenance and renewal.

We coordinate IP strategy at every level: local, regional, national, and global. This is particularly relevant in the international trademark context, where regulatory issues tend to vary significantly between jurisdictions.

More Than Just Filing

Comprehensive trademark protection requires more than filing a trademark application. We are well-equipped to enforce trademark rights (i.e., canceling conflicting marks), advise on trademark strategy (i.e., licensing and trademark monetization), and explore the long-term implications of a client’s trademark portfolio on its brand.

We are business lawyers with an “eye” for IP. Simply put, our firm is fundamentally concerned with the impact that a legal decision — whether trademark or otherwise — will have on the client’s business. 

Real-World Results

We have excellent results securing and enforcing trademark rights before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, including the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). 

We attribute our success to our tailored focus. We conduct the proper due diligence and work hard to execute a thoughtful trademark strategy.

Contact AdamsIP for Trademark Help

Contact us to schedule a complimentary initial phone consultation. We have extensive experience handling trademark matters, from initial trademark selection and registration to enforcing your trademark portfolio against copycats and counterfeiters. 

Your business has unique needs and goals, and we tailor our services — and the fee arrangement — to suit those needs and goals. Flat fee options create an incentive structure favorable to the client and ensure efficient, results-driven representation.