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Copyright law protects a broad range of content, including music, art, writings, photographs and coded algorithms. Copyrights may protect the very core of your business — for example, a copyrightable algorithm for a software company developing virtual reality systems.

AdamsIP is a full-service intellectual property firm with a broad copyright practice — from registration to litigation, we provide the protection and enforcement necessary to effectuate valuable copyrights in the digital age. Our team represents clients ranging from startup media companies to artists, authors, musicians, and programmers.

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Practical Advocacy in a Disruptive Age

Today’s creative professionals and businesses often struggle with the disruptive influence of the digital age — both its opportunities and challenges. Content distribution paradigms continue to shift, with areas of the law that once seemed relatively straightforward (such as fair use and content distribution) now fraught with new complexities.

Our commitment to staying current on legal trends and to practical, client-oriented advocacy has equipped us to serve digitally-native clients. We engage closely with clients from the very beginning, giving us key insight into protectable assets and how they relate to your business interests. We work closely with clients to craft documents transferring ownership of key copyright assets.  Our process is built on understanding each client’s business and intellectual property assets, including copyrights, and developing plans to protect and monetize those assets.

Strategic Counseling and Contractual Agreements

Through our focus on intellectual property, we are uniquely positioned to build value for our clients’ businesses — startups and established companies alike — and help promote growth.

We offer strategic counsel throughout our representation, guiding clients through both the protection and monetization of their copyrights. The typical process may involve copyright registration, contracts (i.e., confidentiality or assignment agreements), and negotiation of sale or license agreements. 

Contact AdamsIP for Copyright Guidance

We encourage you to contact us to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to discuss protecting your work.

During this initial consultation, our team will evaluate the underlying matter — whether it involves a transaction or litigation — and begin to formulate an effective strategy going forward.

We offer our clients flexible fee arrangements including flat rates for copyright application drafting and filing.