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Transferring Data through Gestures?

Thu Jul 30th, 2015 by  Patents

Apple has recently filed a patent application disclosing a way to transfer data through gestures. Essentially, two users in close proximity to each other could share files between each other’s devices simply by using common gestures that they may be likely to use anyway. Just about any kind of gesture could be used to share files between users, including handshakes, high fives, waves, and fist bumps. Clearly, this technology was conceived with the Apple Watch in mind since a watch is already attached to the user’s wrist, but it could also be applied to other devices such as smartphones. To initiate the sharing of data, users could agree to first engage in a specific gesture, such as a handshake, or in some cases, data sharing could be initiated automatically. This, of course, brings up serious questions of data security and personal privacy. As with all patent filings, there is of course no guarantee that we’ll see this technology used in Apple Watches or other products anytime soon, if ever. But the idea of a fist bump file transfer certainly sounds intriguing.