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Get the Help You Need From a Huntsville Trade Secret Lawyer

A trade secret is business information that confers a competitive advantage on the holder by virtue of being unknown to others. The scope of trade secret protection is vast; it includes such disparate business assets as recipes, source code, customer lists, product plans, research and development, blueprints, and product prototypes, among many other kinds of assets. The loss of trade secret rights can often be devastating to a company, which is why it is important to consult with a Huntsville trade secret lawyer who can advise you on the best means of protection. 

Our Huntsville Trade Secret Lawyer Will Take Active Steps to Protect Our Client’s Trade Secrets

Trade secrets in Alabama are defined somewhat differently than in other states. Under Alabama state law, a “trade secret” is information that: 

  1. Is used or intended for use in a trade or business
  2. Is included or embodied in a formula, pattern, compilation, computer software, drawing, device, method, technique, or process;
  3. Is not publicly known and is not generally known in the trade or business of the person asserting that it is a trade secret;
  4. Cannot be readily ascertained or derived from publicly available information; 
  5. Is the subject of efforts that are reasonable under the circumstances to maintain its secrecy; and
  6. Has significant economic value.

The attorneys at AdamsIP have extensive experience in trade secret counseling and litigation, and have developed and implemented protection strategies for a wide range of trade secrets. One of the most important aspects of maintaining trade secret protection is taking reasonable efforts to ensure that the information remains secret. While those efforts can encompass a range of activities, we work with our clients to develop a comprehensive plan that accounts for every possible contingency. This includes non-disclosure agreements, employee hiring/departure procedures, data security measures, and more. 

Enforcing Our Clients’ Trade Secret Rights Against Infringers

Trade secret infringement is more commonly referred to as “misappropriation.” Generally, it occurs when a person steals or otherwise discloses a trade secret to a third party without authorization or through a breach of confidence. Trade secret misappropriation can be devastating for a business because, once the trade secret becomes public information, it ceases to be a trade secret, potentially causing severe financial damage to the holder. To counter the effects of trade secret misappropriation, both Alabama law and federal law allow trade secret owners to recover damages through intellectual property litigation. While proving trade secret misappropriation and valuing damages in trade secret litigation can be difficult, each Huntsville trade secret lawyer at AdamsIP has significant experience asserting our clients’ trade secret rights in misappropriation litigation and have a long history of achieving favorable outcomes. 

Contact a Huntsville Trade Secret Lawyer for a Free Consultation

A trade secret protection strategy is essential to retain the value inherent in your trade secrets. For help with devising and implementing a trade secret strategy that works for your business, please contact a Huntsville trade secret lawyer at AdamsIP by calling 251-289-9787 or by using our online contact form.

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